Where does he come from?

My name is Oliver John Sadiki and I come from Tanzania. I was born in Mtwara Ligula B and there I went to school until grade five. Then I went to Dar es Salaam to continue school. After finishing grade seven I went back to Mtwara to attend form one up to form four.

Already at that time I loved music, traditional drums and dance, so I decided to go back again to Dar es Salaam.

How did he reach music?

I began to make music when I studied at the University of Arts of Zanzibar. Coming back from Zanzibar I felt like a musician and I whished to advance my artistic skills by practicing and performing on the stage. Therefore I joined WAMATA as a volunteer. (WAMATA is an acronym for the Swahili phrase "Walio katika mapambano na AIDS Tanzania" which means "People in the Fight Against AIDS in Tanzania.")

I got there useful abilities for life and I developed my personality. Moreover I got base skills in playing the guitar and drums and learned how to stand in front of people to inform them about AIDS. Furthermore I joined a global meeting in the assembly hall ACC in Arusha.

Now I am still a member of WAMATA.

How did his story go on?

At WAMATA I was seen by members of Sisi Tambala Band, they liked me and I joined the Band. I became a singer, I played the marimba, drums and I danced. We performed at the festival “Sauti za Busara Zanzibar”, “Bagamoyo Arts Festival” and also we went for several month to Suzhu in China to an art competition where we won the first price.

After five years at Sisi Tambala I decided to leave the band because I felt to be capable to found my own band.


Now he is independent?

I founded Nyota Kali Band (“Nyota Kali” means “bright star”) which is still performing until today. I am the director of the band, the lead singer and I play the marimba, the bass guitar and I dance. We had big shows in Bagamoyo and in Zanzibar at Sauti za Busara Festival.

My band succeeded at the competition of Music Crossroads Tanzania and was nominated the best traditional music band. We got the possibility to go to the international Music Crossroads competition in Zambia. We won the second price and I was nominated the best musician and won a journey to Sweden and Croatia to exchange ideas with more than 80 musicians from all over the world in context of the traditional/ folk music program of Ethno.


How he became a teacher?

I was called to “Talent Search and Empowerment” (TSE) to be teacher of music, traditional drums and African dance. TSE is a small association which empowers street children, children of underprivileged situations and orphans by teaching art disciplines like theater, drawings, Hip Hop, tailoring, soccer, drums, music, dance etc.

I and my young students succeeded to record two albums and several songs are shown on TV.

Every year I teach all grades of Kwanza International School in context of the graduation of grade six. All students are supposed to perform on stage.




He still does music?

Now I live in Halle an der Saale in Germany with my wife and my small daughter. I am still making music.

I met here some friends and we started a new band which is called "Teacher-Oliver-Band". We had shows in Germany and Tanzania in 2016 an we continue this year.


For more detailed information about my work watch this web site.