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The day after tomorow you will see my new video


Show in Nürnberg

At 30th July we will be in Nürnberg at Tanzania Festival.

Please come all!


the show in wiesbaden yesterday was very nice


Show at Africa Festival in Wiesbaden

On 16th of July at 7 o'clock we well have a music show at the Africa festival in Wiesbaden.

Please come all! 


Show at Merseburg at 21th of June

On 21th of June we will have a music show in Merseburg at the Fete de la Musique.

You are welcomed all.




Wake up! Amka! (Videos) is now on the market!

Since today my Album Amka! with six videos and two audio songs is now available. 

If you like to suport me and buy my album, I am pleased I you try to get in contact with me.

(Please click here to see my buissnes card.)

And also it is possible to get Amka! at my shows "Nyumbani" in Germany.

Karibuni sana!


Herzlich willkommen!


Performances in Germany

Nyumbani Performances

In Oktober, 4th I will travel to Germany. I will perform together with some other members of Talent Search and Empowerment (TSE) in the German cities Nürnberg and Hamburg and also some shows will be here in Dar es Salaam. We will perform a theatre play with music and video under the theme of "Nyumbani" wich means "Home". You are all welcomed!


Show schedule:


27/08/2013 TSE, Ubungo-Kibangu, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

27/09/2013 Goethe-Institut, Upanga, Dar es Salaam

30/09/2013 TSE, Ubungo-Kibangu, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

09/10/2013 Streetperformance, Nürnberg, Germany

10/10/2013 19:00h DESI, Nürnberg, Germany

11/10/2013 18:00h Jugendhaus Wiese 69, Nürnberg, Germany

12/10/2013 18:00h Mission Eine Welt, Neuendettelsau, Germany

18/10/2013 19:30h Panteater, Hamburg-Hasseldorf, Germany

19/10/2013 19:30h Panteater, Hamburg-Hasseldorf, Germany

22/10/2013 10:00h Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg, Germany

22/10/2013 19:00h Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg, Germany

23/10/2013 19:00h Helene-Lange-Schule, Hamburg, Germany

25/10/2013 19:00h Festival Room of the town hall of Hamburg, Germany

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I Published one New Music Video

Today I published the sixth video of my album "Amka!" wich is called "Wazazi" wich means "Parents". If you want to watch it just click here.


I published two new Music Videos!

I was able to make another two new music videos of my album Amka! of the songs NIMEAMINI and USIKAE JITUME.

If you want to watch them now klick here.


Show in front of Obama

On the first of July 2013 I will have a show at the National Audience Hall in Posta in the city of Dar es Saalam. I will perform in front of Obama and his wife and other leaders like Mama Salma, Kikwete and Mawaziri.


I Published Three Music Videos

Now I was able to record three videos from the songs of my album Amka! So there is as video to the songs “Pachingo Mbaride”, ”Amka” and “Najua Nilichopenda”.

If you want to buy the Album of these three videos, call me or write me an e-mail.

Click here to get my contact.

If you want to watch the videos online just follow this link.


Amka! - My First Album is now on the Market!

I succeed to record my first album which is called „Amka!“. Now it is on the market. Untill now I published eight songs:


1. Ich möchte

2. Pachingo Mbaride

3. Amka

4. Wazazi

5. Usikae Jitume

6. Nimeamini

7. Najua Nilichopenda

8. Kitu Live


(If you click at the songs you get the lyrics.)


For more information about my new Album or if you whish to listen to some of my songs just click here.

And if you want to support me and to by my album just get in contact with me. Please click here.